10b. Donna Lass: Closure?

IMG_0687.JPGIMG_0657Another look at the ‘Pines’ CardIMG_0657Geometric analysis, punch hole is the perspective vanishing point. Signs with Zodiac symbol on back of card. It is the viewpoint of Zodiac. He looks straight across at ‘Sierra Club’, which is linked to ‘Sought’ because it’s the same font. Sierra Club Lodge at Donner Pass indicates that it’s Donna Lass being  sought IMG_065712 is not referring to a victim, but to a position on the zodiac wheel. Sierra is meant to be ‘Arreis’ or Aries ♈️52C99DC5-D2A7-4478-A031-23FF15891784-1939-00000626173A7C3D Map of Incline Village, Nevada. This is the location of the proposed condos as shown in the Pines cardIMG_0670

Address and location of the Forest Pines Condominiums which were built and still existIMG_0669Peek thru Forest Pines, at the Peak

Tahoe in winter where they sought victim is ‘a-round’ in the snowIMG_0682E29404E5-A07C-4400-87EE-09B5EC288B1D-2206-000006E54FD5E865Place the top (12 o’clock, or Midheaven) of the circle (Zodiac) at Incline Village. The ‘incline’ tangent points to Donner Pass, Sierra Club Lodge, indicating the ‘victim sought’ is Donna Lass. Incline the cross hairs to match the tangent angle. The Aries (Ascendant) lands at Twin Peaks. The 6 o’clock position or IC (Imum Coeli) sits at the arrival point at South Lake Tahoe, where it all began for Kane, or Xenophon or other E29404E5-A07C-4400-87EE-09B5EC288B1D-2206-000006E54FD5E865Twin Peaks, the shape suggests a woman. It’s likely where Donna is buried. Somewhere at the foot I’d guess. Kane retired nearby in Reno, and would always be reminded of her upon taking a short drive and seeing the distinctive peak. Third personal victim. 123 Juanita. Cheri Jo Bates, Cecelia Ann Shepard, and Donna Lass. ‘I am stalking your girls’IMG_0712

Here is a view of Twin Peaks from the South side, the side seen from the trail one arrives at after going thru the ‘Tahoe areas’: Tahoe Vista, Tahoe City and finally Tahoe Pines IMG_0678

2 thoughts on “10b. Donna Lass: Closure?

  1. sharon lindimore March 28, 2021 — 11:16 am

    Yes, all ciphers solved by a mathematician and myself. Tahoe is very close to sons house.


    1. sharon lindimore March 28, 2021 — 11:18 am

      I read there are about 200 bodies at the bottom of Lake Tahoe. But he mentions estuary sometimes and that means land before water, so I am sure you know.

      Liked by 1 person

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