14. Denise 💋Darcel 💋


Larry Kaye was seeing actress Denise Darcel, in 1950, according to one of Galaxie500’s invaluable newspaper clippings. Born the same year as Kane, 1924, she was a French ‘bombshell’ and a rising star at the time they met. Kane had just moved back to the city from Utica, after his business there appears to have failed.

Very soon after their hook up Darcel hit it big in Hollywood, starring in the seminal ‘Westward the Women’, one of the few great westerns with a storyline featuring women, 1951:AE50E31F-695D-42A1-9B1B-121935377687-668-0000015B1CDD7FB2

She had a memorable role alongside Cooper and Lancaster in ‘Vera Cruz’, 1954VERA CRUZ

She was possibly mob connected, like Sinatra, performing as a singer in Meyer Lansky’s club in Havana, 1955. However in those days it was almost impossible for a club entertainer to steer clear of the mob. After 1960 Darcel’s film career ebbed. She put in time as a stripper and then a casino dealer in Vegas in the 60’s and 70s ? Kane (and Sinatra of course) spent time there as well. Could Kaye-Kane-Klein and Darcel have maintained some kind of lifelong relationship? Was there also a Sinatra connection?

Here we have a person who accepts Kane in 1950 but later apparently turns down advances from some of the most powerful men in the world at the time. She would strip, but not give away her dignity for sexual favors. All I can say is Larry Kane must have been a world class charmer.

From an obit in the Telegraph, 2012:



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