15a. The Business 🏦

What were the businesses of these two, Lawrence Kane and Xenophon Anthony, that allowed them so much leisure time?

Xen was in ‘import/export’. Classic CIA cover. Lived in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country from ’56 thru ’66: San Marino near LA. Ran the Ladies Bridge Society.

Kane…how does a man in the shingle and siding business afford to keep a Manhattan apartment, on the Upper East Side yet, drive a caddy in his twenties, frequent expensive night clubs and meet famous singers and actors?

Business failures,  repo’d vehicles…yet he always bounces back. A trip to Florida where he dates actress Lana Turner in 1954? Not that she had the best taste in men, but it would have required some bankroll!

Puzzling. Makes one wonder if he wasn’t a bodyguard or paid escort?


Later she was mob connected herself and no stranger to rumors of murder, still, a great actress. Photos from 1955


Larry Kane vs Richard Burton? Fuggedaboudit! Girls with those faraway eyes….


Then there’s the great Carmel Jewelry Heist of 1952. Kane is buddies with one of the rising singing stars of the day, a competitor of Sinatra’s, Johnny Johnston, and steals jewelry from his loaded fiancée just before their wedding. Kane returns his share and is NOT sent to prison. Curiouser and curiouser!


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