What I Think I Know So Far (In progress 🛒)

  • There is content in the Zodiac’s 340 Cipher of November 1969


My proposed Z 340 solution implicates Xenophon Anthony in the Stine Murder. (Refer to many fascinating discussions of Z’s SF escape on Grinell’s website). Possibly Karadanis had made a plan to meet him and that night Xen made himself scarce.9db08b2d-6880-45f1-bfe1-90ce9df8759a.jpeg Joe K ended up having to change clothes in Anthony’s yard and then taking the bus home. Having nearly been caught, he was pissed off at Anthony for all eternity…hence: ‘Fohoni Toni’. Xenophon/Achilles, the Anatolian Greeks.IMG_1065

  • Larry Kane was part of a NY Mob, TBD, but he was likely with the Eastern European Jewish immigrant Mobsters.img_1460


  • His job was to watch over various Mob ‘properties in the public eye: actors, singers and other mob-controlled-nightclub entertainers. His construction business was a cover. He must have been very highly regarded in this role as he was able to carry it on successfully for nearly twenty years until his accident in ’62


  • IMG_0720Frank Sinatra knew Top Ten Zodiac Suspect Larry Kane and was himself mob connected



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