10a. Twin Peaks: ‘Peak thru the Pines’


Twin Peaks near Tahoe Pines California. Sometimes listed as Twin Peak. Peak through the Pines? Image above from the SF Chronicle

IMG_0631Is Donna Lass buried here? Possibly the last known victim of the Zodiac. Body never found.

IMG_0615Return address symbol above, from the confirmed Zodiac ‘Halloween’ card of October 27th, 1970. The same symbol appears inside on the unfolded card.IMG_0662 Lass disappeared on September 6th, 1970. The eyes, and the wood, with the phrase ‘peek a boo you are doomed’ were considered a threat to the recipient, reporter Paul Avery of the SF Chronicle, but could be describing Donna Lass’ abduction. Could it indicate she was still alive at this date, a prisoner, whom he’d soon kill?

4-teen here I believe is a reference to Revelation 14, and is rhyming with ‘Halloween’. It isn’t a victim count which some have proposed. It takes us back to victim Cecelia Shepard, the Seventh Day Adventist. Revelation 14 is key to their belief that we have entered the period before the end times. In which ‘Angel One’ announces that the ‘investigative judgement’ has begun. A strong clue that Zodiac was SDA.

There’s also a seemingly sophisticated reference here to Elizabeth the 1st seen in this famous portrait. The eyes and ears in the dress were to show her enemies that nowhere was safe- she had her spies everywhere. Was Zodiac telling Avery he had an inside source in the investigation?IMG_0663

The next related missive is the ‘Pines’ card, below top. I’ve enlarged a portion of the card and added the underline:IMG_0659.JPG This card, received many months after Donna Lass disappeared, was confirmed as being from Zodiac by one expert. It seems to refer to Lass/South Lake Tahoe


Is the earlier return address symbol a mapping of an abduction and murder? She disappeared from South Lake Tahoe- which I have positioned at the end of one of the ‘arms’. The message in the Pines card: ‘Peek through the Pines’ echoes the earlier Halloween ‘peek a boo…’ coming from a knothole in the wood.

Go ‘past the Tahoe areas’. Could this be another deceptive misspelling? In this case- of ‘Peek’? The instruction with the map overlay (as in the ‘Bus Bomb’ letter) then might be: ‘one has to go through Tahoe Pines to get to the base of  Twin Peaks Mountain in order to find her’.

The Tahoe ‘areas’ might then refer to all the towns that one must pass through, along the easiest way, by Hwy 50 and 28. The dots? Goosebumps here!

The ‘Sierra Club’ called out in the card was likely the Sierra Club Lodge, located near Donner Pass (the Zodiac may have used the punned name as a mnemonic device). Adding this location with a broader stroke and using the same place names, Twin Peaks and Tahoe Pines are still central. Can Donna Lass finally be put to rest?


Kane was working down the hall from Donna at the time. He’d apparently asked her out a couple of times and been turned down. The pattern here could be rejection: Bates, Shepard and now Lass. The other gun murders done to make it seem like a random killer. The hardest to catch. Covers up his real motive.

Kane was selling real estate. In the few months he’d been there he might have gotten to know the Lake Tahoe area pretty well. But was it him or was he being set up by fon or another?

Fans of the TV series might be delighted, although there is no known connection between the imaginary town of Twin Peaks near Seattle and our Mountain.644C031C-FD45-4CC9-87DE-97AFCA267321-1131-0000039F1B6DC994 The series plot was inspired by stories surrounding a 1908 murder in New York State, however, according to co-writer Mark Frost.

Thanks to Richard Grinell whose ZodiacCiphers.com Donna Lass articles inspired much of this piece

5 thoughts on “10a. Twin Peaks: ‘Peak thru the Pines’

  1. In case anyone gives a crap, I know who the Zodiac was and can prove it. Recently, I cracked the cipher in a letter Zodiac wrote on 4?20/69. I not only deciphered his name, but also his date of birth, and the numerical value of his name. The numbers also match with the coded numbers on the Halloween card, confirming his identity.


  2. It’s comforting to know you, like all of the others, are still so far off it’s no even funny. Kevin Robert Brooks has solved this. Let the world know: the Zodiac Killer was Donald Lee Bujok. Go to Grinell’s site and you can get a “crash” course in Mr. Brooks’s case. But there’s SOOOOOO much more it will make the entire Zodiac community crap it’s collective pants.


  3. sharon lindimore March 28, 2021 — 10:21 am

    13 means revelations in Bible, sign of beast – 14 means Devil card in taurot deck.


  4. SurelyShirley May 13, 2021 — 9:43 am

    It is surprising how many great theories fit his clues. I guess we all see what we want to. I agree completely he was SDA. I came up with that same location from completely different thought process. I did not use the Bible and used SDA books: Ideals For Teens & A Pathfinder Handbook. The backward N led to the mirror image….Lake Tahoe Area Sierra Club is the name of a branch from the Sierra Cub. I juggled if it has something to do with the Alaska Pipeline, ski lodge or talc powder. Sierra Club was involved with all this stuff at the time. Almost everything he did was a subject requirement in the SDA Pathfinders Book. You should look into that if you are going SDA too. Maybe our guys hung out. But SDA took claim to the 3rd Angel’s Message of Revalations as their role. So many reasons why I agree with SDA. 1st: I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t eat bacon. 2nd: the only religion that runs elbows with the sinners, preparing for the return of Jesus and the depose of earthly government. What can they do? Organize, master the system and use it against them to break it down within the system. They are silent pupetmasters that you don’t see. I think the whole thing is leading. He communicated with the press. He left fingerprints, only one, but wore gloves and the squirrel hair was for kicks. It is organized and controlled. He who leads the press, leads the people and where he wants you to go. He controlled the investigation by the evidence he planted. So even if they got him he would be ruled out by DNA and finger prints. He has put a lot of thought into it and had help because 50 years later and most of his “enthusiasts” have nothing so they are still hanging on to an old suspect that he pointed them to.

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    1. If anything, the suspects I list were expressing hostility to SDA. My sense of it


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