2c. Z 340: Corrections & Clarifications

IMG_0648Above please note corrections to the solution. These can be found mostly in the filler material. But there are two corrections to the text containing content: ef not en, and pontyaoni where it was missing the letter y.

For purposes of clarification I’m going to type the new text putting what appears to be content in bold:

Line 1: It interested me a ton, O I get ef on the fun          

Line 2: A ton, a knife or a gun t/a/e/e/i Peggey from no

Line 3: Nine fon n/a/e/a/? MK RIP r/?/e/o/k/o/a/e gone are I

Line 4: o/t Tyre e/g/e/o/t/n OO i/u/t/e/a/o/a/r/n/g tyhre eye OO

Line 5: Before ?/o/e go so my thing d/g/n/y/e/?/t/n/e/n/n/g/-/o

5/25/18: It could be- Before Joe go indicating that it’s Joe (short for George) Karadanis. The backwards ‘J’ is only used once so there’s no way to test it.

Line 6: t/e/i/r/o/e/n/-/g/o/? ton t/f/a/e/e/r/o/r/n/u/a/n/t/r/r/n/f/?/a/t

Line 7: k/g/o/u/?/i/r/t/n/ e/g/a/e/r/r/m/e/i/e/e/o/m/d/?/?/ a/o/o/e/e/n/e/?/m

Line 8: a/a/t/p/n/?/k/n/o/b/a/o/r/o/ ?/m/e/o/o/?/e/?/r/e/e/s/n/o/ i/e/h/a/?/t

Line 9: o/a Fohoni Tonei y/?/y/u/e/o/t/o/e/a/y/e/n/ b/o/n/n/g/-/?/e

Line 10:  Reneor Pontyaoni – Nffi attornney euro

( battling SC!)

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