13. The Sinatra Connection 🎰 and Larry Kane’s Wife


Eilleen Barton, Larry Kane’s 1st wife, with Sinatra. She was Frankie’s singing partner in 1945 when she married Larry Kane. They were both from Brooklyn and the same age. She became a major pop recording artist in the 50s.

Did Kane get to know Sinatra in 1945?


I have yet to find out how or why they split. Another mob arrangement?


Sinatra/Kane/X Anthony links:

• In a straight line going from West to East across LA:  San Marino- X Anthony’s home ’56-’66 | Sinatra family home- Lake Toluca ’45-’47 | Riverside- CJB ’66 | Palm Springs Sinatra homes from ’47-  the 2nd, called ‘Twin Palms’, recalls Twin Peaks.

• The ‘Pines’ card image at Incline Village instruction ‘Peek through the Pines’: from this location looking across Lake Tahoe’s Crystal Bay the great landmark would be the Cal-Neva resort once owned by Sinatra, just a few miles to the West.


• Was Kane a Sinatra hanger-on or even one of his henchmen? Did he ever procure women for Sinatra? And was Donna Lass possibly one? ‘Come and meet my friend Frankie’ might draw a young girl away from her job at 2 am.

•How did Xen Anthony and/or Pantaleoni become connected with Sinatra if at all?

• Sinatra liked to hang in San Francisco with his friend Herb Caen of the Chronicle. A Zodiac letter mentions Herb Caen. Xenophon Anthony and family move to SF in ’65 or ’66

•Sinatra stars in the movie musical ‘Anchors Away’ with rising star Kathryn Grayson


She marries Johnny Johnston in 1947. He’s a singer, later an actor too, vying with Sinatra for top crooner of the day


•Grayson divorces Johnston in ’51 and soon after Johnston is engaged to Shirley Carmel. NY 1952, just before the wedding, Kane, a friend of Johnny Johnston, confesses to stealing Ms Carmel’s jewels

•1946 Sinatra falls madly in love with Lana Turner and wants to marry her, but it falls through

•1950 Sinatra is said to be an admirer of mobster Mickey Cohen

•1950-51 Sinatra leaves his wife and marries the love of his life, actor Ava Gardner24E272E9-D4E0-4F7F-9DC0-B7CEFA4EFECD-2811-00000A8318699CEA Just before they married, Mickey Cohen enforcer Johnny Stompanato was also interested in Ava. Sinatra asked Cohen to intervene. Cohen refused.  Fortunately for Sinatra Stompanato’s interest waned

•At this point the mobsters in Frankie’s life (with the exception of Stompanato) are all Brooklyn Jews of Eastern European origin: Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen. Larry Kane shares these roots

•Grayson and Gardner star together in the hit musical film ‘Showboat’ 1951

•1954 Larry Kane is dating Lana Turner!

•Late ’50s: Stompanato is Lana Turner’s live-in partner


He is killed in her Hollywood mansion, supposedly by Lana’s 14 year old daughter, Cheryl. If it was in reality a case of murder, by other or others, suspects might include Sinatra, Kane, Sean Connery or Lana herself. Doubts remain



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