16. Kane Astro: 2 Fateful Days

Below is a Progressed Chart for Larry Kane on the day of a car accident on September 16th, 1962, in which he suffered frontal lobe brain damage. Smashed into the back of a truck


The Nodes of the Moon, which by tradition circumscribe the mission of the individual soul, have backed up to square fixed star Algol at 26 Taurus. The 2 trigger planets Mercury and Mars are in position to set off an accident. Algol can be found in serious accidents to the head- even to the point of decapitation

The next chart represents a date of  major importance for the Zodiac case: August 3rd, 1969- the day the Zodiac Killer started using his name and target symbol. The event was recently brought to my attention by Richard Grinell, on ZodiacCiphers.com.

As above, the chart shows planetary progressions for Kane at that point in his life. Especially note that Mercury, planet of communications, has moved out of plodding Taurus into Gemini, the sign which it rules and in which it is quickest and strongest.  Possibly there has been some radical healing from the accident. Not that it has come back together in the most healthy form. The intelligence has returned but likely it has been transformed into evil ‘genius’.


The Sun has now moved to late Gemini where it has already begun making aspects to the Nodes. The progressed aspect will last another 4 to 5 years. He may have felt during this time that he was on ‘a mission from God’ to quote the Blues Bros

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