20. Joe K: Astro Study ♑️


Here is Joe’s Birth Chart. Time of birth is not known so time is set for Noon. Ignore the Ascendant and Houses.

Uranus square Saturn indicates that there may be something extraordinary about one or both of the parents. Saturn often manifests as the father’s influence but not always. There’s a 23 or 24 year difference between the assumed biological parents, Achilles and California- ‘Callie’. The square indicates a tension that is internalized. It’s part of a tight tsquare with a Jupiter/Pluto-Charon conjunction- an aspect that tends to make one feel they are on a Godly mission. Many were born with this tsquare in the leadership Cardinal Signs at this time without becoming thrill killers, of course. It would certainly indicate tremendous struggle and drive in an individual though.

With the North Node of the Moon tied into the tsquare one might feel that one’s purpose, one’s soul direction is to face the struggle and  to use the conjunction- Node/Uranus to disturb and ‘freak out’ others.

As with Kane, the Pisces Moon means there is great emotional sensitivity. It is tied to a Kite- a Grand Trine, Moon/Venus/Jupiter, with a ‘Cap’ provided by Mercury. He would find tremendous release from the tsquare by relying on these parts of his character. Emotionally he is ‘over the top’ in charm factor- seemingly kind and generous, charming and sympathetic to a very high degree. It would help him hide the tense aspects of his character. But it may have kept him from doing anything of consequence if it wasn’t for his overarching hidden drive, and for a fortunate Mars in Leo- efforts flow smoothly with a Leo element of drama.

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