21. In the Bell Eye of the Beast

If zodiac had never murdered anyone or made terroristic threats he might simply have come across as a 14 year old prankster. Comic book references, Charley Chan, Blue Meanies, forced misspellings just for the hell of it, sick poetry on a desktop- and on into absurdity- copying down the nonsense lyrics of Gilbert and Sullivan at length.

In the same Dennis the Menace, ‘Riddler’ juvenile delinquent manner, he was obviously messing with ‘attorney Euro’ Melvin Belli, (shown above with his most famous client Jack Ruby) with his letter and phone call in late ’69. And in the last line of the 340 Cipher: ‘NFFI‘ = ‘not falling for it’? Was he poking fun at Belli’s efforts to meet with, analyze and possibly convince the suspect to surrender? Very likely.

Another very famous client of Melvin Belli’s was mobster Mickey Cohen, who may have fixed an election for tricky dicky Nixon. Straight outta Brooklyn.

Ukrainian like me. Eastern European like Kane. Knew Sinatra too. Sinatra the Vegas Tahoe casino guy. Did K&M know these guys? Certainly knew Kane- paid for his funeral!

Was Larry Kane working for Cohen? Is there a Kane/Belli/Cohen connection? Still so many unanswered questions about people who ran the country back in the 60s.

And then it’s a well known fact that Frank Sinatra was instrumental in getting Kennedy elected

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