25. Sacramento: Paradise is Burning



Sacramento, California, the state capitol, was once called New Helvetia, after Switzerland. The Swiss flag of course is a cross. The flag of Greece up until the late 70’s was also a cross, very similar in design, which can be seen here. Sacramento was named after the Sacramento River, Spanish for Sacrament. The sacrament is the wafer in the Catholic ceremony of the same name, representing the body of Christ.

Many crosses…the circular wafer is sometimes inscribed with a cross…depositphotos_53080319-stock-photo-sacrament-of-communionthe idea of a conciliatory sacrifice was common to almost all ancient religions, as was the holiness of blood. The word bless originally meant to sanctify with blood; it is related to the French verb blesser, meaning “to wound”. Protestants shied away from the idea of a sacrifice during the Eucharist. To them the Roman Mass was a horrible remnant of paganism with its specific adoption of sacrifice at an altar, and drinking the blood and eating the flesh of the sacrificial victim, even referring to it as the host (the word host comes from the Latin word for a sacrificial victim).” From BadNewsAboutChristianity.com

Now let’s look at a letter page from Zodiac, referring again to the earlier bus bomb threat- now called “the death machine”:


The Cross at the bottom of this page may provide another clue as to the location of the planted bomb he is referring to, real or not. Very few investigators have analyzed this particular Zodiac symbol- possibly because it contains no instructions relating to a map or locus (ie ‘Radians’ on the Phillips 66 map). Since the Zodiac target has already been used in relation to a map, let’s assume then the same thing is happening here. Note that one of the small x’s has been placed on the cross-hairs, emphasizing its importance.

At this point there’s one murder he hasn’t mentioned much and that’s the knife attack at Lake Berryessa. To this point he’s only left a note on a car door. It so happens that Lake Berryessa  is aligned due West of Sacramento, just like the x on the target above.

With Sacramento as the center of the target, it would be possible to place the town of Paradise Ca. to the North, along the vertical axis. Note how this axis has been emphasized in the body of the letter’s text above the symbol. (Cipher alert?) Of course most investigators know of the repeated references to ‘paradise’ or ‘paradice’ in Zodiac communications.

Is he indicating the bomb may have been planted at a location relative to the City of Sacramento?

At the time of writing coincidentally the entire town of Paradise has just been burnt to the ground, by a conflagration called the “Camp Fire”. (Perhaps the tragedy has called attention to the place for me). It was just announced this morning that more than 500 people from the town of 30,000 still have not been accounted for among those evacuated. 





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