A 2nd 340 Vid!

In this 2nd Powerpoint-Video I look at the multitude of meanings of the plain-text in the solution. It may help you to good backand take a look at Vid 1, if you haven’t already seen it. Though I know most of my round-the-world followers are advanced in their knowledge of the case, I’ve tried to ease into this 2nd monster with some Vid 1 review and clarification. It helped me to express the info in a slightly different way- as a lead in to some pretty explosive allegations here.

Small stuff compared to the ongoing worldwide pandemic and economic disaster we now find engulfing us. But a little light reading (tilted laugh emoji!) can sometimes provide us with much needed relief.

This is the result of 2 years work. If you’ve been following my blog you know the answers have been nothing like what was expected by researchers. I’m continuing here with a wrap up in very much the same spirit of disruption. Why wasn’t it solved? Who is Xenophon Anthony? Who is Joe? Who was the ‘Lord High Executioner’, and why does everyone know but you and I? Vid 3 will move on from the 340 to other Zodiac cryptographic studies

The music by Elodie Lauten is gorgeous!

Enjoy my little meditation. If you’re interested in making a film please get in touch. I think it would make a good one.

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