J Edgar, an Epilogue

imagine an epilogue to the 2011 film…

      They were at the end of a productive day at J. Edgar’s house. Though he’d passed on, after more than fifty years at his side she found it comforting to be there, being served fine meals by his remaining household staff, and tea and cakes whenever she needed a break. 

Though she was still in shock at his bequest to her.  He was a hard man.  Five thousand dollars.  It worked out to be roughly a hundred dollars for every year of loyal service as his executive secretary.  And he’d once asked to marry her, all those years ago.  Washing his dirty laundry for half a century, and now for the final time.  Is that what he would have left a wife?  No, he’d left Colson a whole lot more. 

      When she got tired of the stuffy rooms, or when her arthritic hands were stiff from tearing papers, she’d take the dogs for a walk down the fine tree lined streets.  Under his orders she’d started destroying files at the office about six months before his death.  Two weeks after, she’d been set up discreetly to work in his basement by Angleton and the Acting Bureau Heads.

      On this day, Helen Wilberforce Gandy and James Jesus Angleton, perhaps one of the strangest pairings in the history of the US of A, were going through the CIA boxes together, the ones Hoover had told her to keep most closely guarded….  She had kept them at eye level, closest to her desk, by mislabeling them Cal Interviews Attested.

     They were almost done with Mr. Angleton’s material.  He’d put aside several boxes to be taken away to his own office.  Gandy pulled out a set of folders: River Side San Bern, Blue Springs, Herman Lake, Berry Lake, Washing Street SF, Tahoe Lake, and finally one heavily thumbed and worn folder she’d labelled Crypts ’69: DEO. This was her own abbreviation for Cryptography Department, Director’s Eyes Only.

       “What do you want to do with these?”  She asked him, “As I recall it involved some heavy collateral damage. Whatever happened at Tahoe?”

      “Zodiac, oh yes, yes it certainly did,”  he said with a sheepish grin, putting his finger up to his lips, only half answering, “It would be very embarrassing for both the Bureau and the Agency if it ever got out.”

      He spent some time looking through the water named files, removing a few pages from each, and placing them in a new folder put them with the files already set aside for his office.  

      “Just to help us forget all about it lets tear the rest of this up, put them in a burn box.  Except for that last one, Crypts.  That’s a keeper.  Goes home with me.”

      Shortly thereafter they were called to dinner.  As always an agent stayed to guard the boxes.

James Jesus Angleton
A set of highly sensitive Agency documents, referred to as the "Family Jewels," was publicly released on June 25, 2007, after more than three decades of secrecy.[31][32] The release was prompted by an internal CIA investigation of the 1970s Church Committee which verified the far-ranging power and influence that Angleton wielded during his long tenure as counter-intelligence czar. The exposé revealed that Angleton-planned infiltration of law enforcement and military organizations in other countries was used to increase the influence of the United States. It also confirmed past rumors that it was Angleton who was in charge of the domestic spying activities of the CIA under Operation CHAOS. from Wikipedia, 'James Angleton'

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