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“To destroy false prophet, must first unmask in front of believers” Charlie Chan at Treasure Island


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We will follow 4 suspects in the Zodiac case whom I believe may have worked together to create the Zodiac persona. Some or all of these men may have met in the early 50’s in NY and renewed contact in mid 60’s LA around the time of the Cheri Jo Bates murder.

Kane would have been one killer. Joe Karadanis was likely the Lover’s Lane Killer. ‘Joe K’ and his business partner Mr M were the writers, with Xenophon Lusby Anthony (‘fon’) their sidekick and eventual patsy, as revealed in the 340 cipher solution

The most fascinating piece of the puzzle: what was the motive? Follow along from the 1st post to the latest, skim if you wish- it’ll help you see what my process was, and how I arrived at my conclusion.

Film stills are from ‘Charlie Chan at Treasure Island. The film contains a character called the Zodiac, and the book with the name Kahne is the one they are perusing.

Thanks go out to Alex Lewis and Richard Grinell for their key analysis of suspects Xenophon Anthony and Lawrence Kane. A special thanks to Alex for finding Anthony- via FOIA FBI request- the only suspect ever ID’d by a witness

Thanks also to Galaxy500 for document research on Lawrence Kane

Revised 07/26/18 Mercury SR

2nd Revision 02/12/19

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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