Xenophon, the Third Man?


Was Xenophon Anthony the third man in Kane’s big New York City jewelry heist?

The take…the blond haired man…where was X in 1952?

The take for Kane was valued at $6000 out of the $17,000 in jewels (about $160,000 in today’s dollars). It would be roughly a third cut, depending of course on the breakdown and fencing of the jewelry. Indicates a possible third man besides the two witnessed fleeing the building. Was it the driver of the car in which they fled the scene?

Xenophon was in NY City in ’55 according to documentation by Galaxy500, on Zodiac killer site forumotion:

“…a list of inbound passengers aboard the SS Zuiderkruis, dated Sept. 3, 1955. Point of arrival is listed as New York. Unfortunately, the point of embarkation is illegible.”

After graduating from Harvard, he was likely taking a summer trip slumming around Europe.

Might fon have met Kane in a New York bar three years earlier, in a trip down from Harvard? Was he the third man in the jewelry heist?

If Kane, the most likely suspect in the Zodiac case, was the author of the 340 in which Xenophon might have been implicated in 1969, then perhaps they might have first been partners in crime in NY all those years ago

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