2a. Zodiac 340 Cipher: a Proposed Solution (with Patsy?)


Solution above


Symbol/Plaintext Key


Original 340 Cipher


 The 4 Quadrantsimg_03971.jpgCut ‘Instructions’

IMG_1163  Cut ‘instructions’ result still showing the 4 quadrants

 Keyword placement


Keyword plaintext is ‘thing’ and the g’ plaintext is to be placed above the cipher ‘X’…6 lines up and 6 lines over in the lower left quadrant


The cipher type: straight substitution homophonic- just like the 480 cipher- with the modifications shown above.

The Patsy: ‘fon’

Who it implicates: Kane (?) is teasing the reader with the name Xenophon Anthony: A-TON-O-I,  FON, fohoni-Tonei! Was he disappointed with the work of his accomplice after the Stine murder? Perhaps setting him up to take the fall? Both men lived to a ripe old age, ironically

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