Evan from Texas & LHR: a YouTube review

Evans’ YouTube video is excellent and well worth the time. Quite a buzz with zodiac researchers at present, with good reason. Unfortunately it’s one of those which is influenced by Horan, well known Zodiac denier. Evan focuses on the Lake Herman Road Murders, near Benicia CA, the first of the Lover’s Lane killings, of December 20th, 1968. Promises to examine the other cases in future videos.

The analysis of handwriting in Evan’s video is superb, and absolutely convincing, as he notes the insertions, gaps, upside down letters. However there’s nothing much to connect it to Snook as he does. Except a similar handwriting and a single letter correction. In general, though, I’m not convinced a war hero and a man with such a brilliant career in Law Enforcement as Napa CA Detective Hal Snook would feel the need to stoop to faking evidence.BatonRougeAdvocate.image

Then, continuing to look at the treatment of LHR in the beginning of the long 07 video, I noted 2 details I’d passed over before. Tying their significance together has provided me a new scenario for the murders of David and Betty Lou. One is the ‘ring’ still clutched in David’s fingers. The other is the pattern of gunshots which can be seen in Betty Lou’s back.

David and Betty Lou were standing outside their car. David was presenting his ring to Betty Lou, which would have meant, if she’d accepted, they’d be ‘going steady’.

Later he writes in the letter the bs about the flashlight gun, which I’ve never found convincing. He’s trying to make himself look like a scary good marksman with a diabolical strategy. The shell casings were all near each other, near David. Zodiac doesn’t have the time to mess with these.

Carl from Texas



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