YouTube Video #1 Z340- ‘The’ Solution; and New YT Channel.


Here is the first in a series of videos which attempt to show more clearly the processes behind the codes I have cracked, starting with the big schlamozzle, the beastly 340 character cryptogram. Yes, it is solvable as a homo-phonic straight substitution cipher. The key is provided.

You may find the results somewhat underwhelming at first, but in my next videos I will explore and show you its many sinister implications. And they go all the way to the top of the FBI!

Music here is by my late wife, composer Elodie Lauten, written and recorded while we were living in Albuquerque, NM, from ’93 to ’95. Elodie was a well-known French and NY post-minimalist composer/musician who performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and many famous downtown NY venues including the Knitting Factory. I think you’ll find these pieces from the CD ‘Tronik Involutions’ eerily appropriate.

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