Zodiac Killer Solved: A Review of Ray Grant’s Kindle Book

My review of Ray Grant’s book, Zodiac Killer Solved, on Amazon. I will add one thing here, Hugh Penn is the strong suspect I mention. Ray Grant himself has recently re-verified it. I’ll be going further into the Penns in future blogs.

“Here is a very well written study of the infamous Zodiac case. The difference between this and other books is that it proposes that Zodiac is actually a group of killers rather than a lone suspect, and does so in very satisfying fashion. As far as who these people were, it needs a little more work, but that’s something that others can continue to research. The book breaks fresh ground.
I’ve followed Mr. Grant’s commentary on the ZodiacCiphers website over many years. This book as a follow up does not disappoint. I strongly recommend it as a companion to the Graysmith books as it has many corrections and additions which are valuable to the researcher. The first 12 chapters are based on evidence from police reports and are as accurate as any out there, which in some cases is not saying a lot.
The last part of the book represents an honest attempt to make sense of and to develop the multi-suspect theory proposed by Gareth Penn is his book ‘Times 17’. Although that book was roundly criticized and shows perhaps the disintegration of a fine mind in action, the group theory is still to me a workable one. Both Graysmith and Penn proposed a suspect who has since been dismissed. And though Mr Grant still unfortunately lists Penn’s main suspect, he has come forward with another very viable suspect. No other writer has come this close. But judge for yourself. Years of work are represented here and should be taken very seriously. It helps that Mr Grant is the same age as one of the victims and lived through the period. These books have now reached the stage where they have become historical documents and must be valued as such. Zodiac Killer Solved is not the last book you’ll need but it does belong up there with the very best.
The Cheri Jo Bates case description is very well done, whether or not you believe it was a Zodiac murder. Was it? Was it an abduction are key questions.
His Lake Herman Road is quite a surprising, imaginative and refreshing look at a puzzling case which has tripped up many researchers in the past. It is masterfully done and worth the price of the book. It would make a terrific screenplay in itself and unties many knots in the witness statements.
Lake Berryessa begins to show how victims names were selected: where his viable suspect comes in to play. I won’t give it away.
The Paul Stine Presidio Heights San Francisco murder is a looser study but contains a beautifully written digression about Black/White profiling and how it affected the case.
I agree that Donna Lass was a Zodiac victim from my own research, but it’s a disappearance that has never been solved.
This book is sort of a guilty pleasure, Like a good Agatha Christie. One cannot forget the real victims, family and law enforcement that were involved in the search.”

BTW I gave the book a 5 star review

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