The Penns

Times 17. The disintegration of a fine mind. That’s my final impression after finishing the book ‘Times 17’. A misguided attempt at Gonzo Journalism- full of errors and meaningless number symbolism.

Hugh Penn, the father, was likely the 5th wheel of the Zodiac team. He probably wrote the 340 cryptogram long solution. He was a professional cryptographer. It was sent along with the dripping Pen/n card. The crude 2nd 340 solution (mine) was most likely concocted by Kane and Karadanis.

Hugh was feeding ideas to his son. It was he, not O’Hare, who was manipulating him with mysterious coded calls. He told Gareth about the Radian theory. As Gareth tells it, this big epiphany came to him on December 26th, coincidentally (or not) George Karadanis’ birthday. That’s a hint as to where the info came from, the father.

The most startling ‘fact’ in the book is the connection between the longitude of Cheri Jo Bates murder in Riverside CA in Oct. ’66, and Michael O’Hare’s Social Security number. Again the info is most likely being provided by Hugh Penn, who through his gov’t job would have had access to this info.

What can we conclude from the above? Hugh Penn must have been involved in Cheri Jo’s murder. At the very least he chose the victim, and the site, for the Zodiac group. It also means that Hugh Penn was targeting O’Hare as early as ’66. It strongly suggests that O’Hare was a very personal target. They must have crossed paths before the murder. Hugh Penn was offended by O’Hare for some reason, deeply enough for Penn to carry a grudge against the architect over the course of a lifetime, and that Penn may have been a homicidal maniac. It may mean that the motives for 2 murders, Cheri Jo Bates’ and Joan Webster’s, were jealousy and revenge. And it meant Hugh was psychopathic-ally pulling the wool over Gareth’s eyes for over 20 years.

The group, now 5, was composed of members who each had their own motives. Penn’s as above. The Karadanis’ wanted permission from the Chicago mob to build a casino in Reno. Larry Kane was being protected, by the group, for the Vegas mob in order to gain their favor. Xen Anthony, a white supremacist working for the CIA/FBI in their CHAOS operation, wanted simply to create domestic terror.

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