Lansky’s Mistress; more Apollo; Z Symbol

I’m starting a new series of blog posts with this one. Calling it Conspira-seas. I would have used ‘Conspirare’ but it was taken up by a famous youth choir. Here we’ll get closer to the unproven edge, taking off with various conspiracies around Zodiac, the 60’s, the Mob and the CIA. Conjecture, just for the halibut. Excuse the pun. I want to stir things up so as to arrive at possible new and plausible conclusions. Not trying to create more confusion, just trying to break new ground around the case, using thought experiments and many more visual and graphic clues than you’ll find on the Zodiac websites.

Lansky’s Turkish Mistress

It became necessary for Meyer Lansky, who was Jewish, to move to Israel in 1970 in order to try to establish citizenship and to avoid prosecution in the U. S. of A. The heat was on for the mob’s accountant, even though at the time he was one of the most powerful men in the western world, thought to be worth 300 million dollars.

He met a young lady in Tel Aviv and they became involved. Two Greek gentlemen, one Anatolian Turk, both taking care of Larry Kane: were they the ones who set up the meeting? The truth will probably never be told: all 3 are deceased.

Zali de Toledo, a woman from Istanbul, recently published a book telling of her 18 month affair with the much older Lansky in ’70-’72, until Israel decided to throw him out. They wrote each other often thru the rest of his life. She later became a diplomat for affairs Turk-Israeli.

George Karadanis was ‘allowed’ to build his Reno casino in 73-74. There aren’t any convincing Zodiac communications after this point. Some teasing notes perhaps. The timing of all these events has a good fit to it.

More Apollo…some Pallas Minerva, Achilles and Hector…Shakespeare and Homer

Did Zeen Anthony consider himself Shakespeare-like to George ‘Joe’ Achilles Karadanis (‘Paradice’)? Recall Anthony’s Harvard Drama Club connection. He might have been introduced to the ‘Oxfordian Theory’, that proposes Edward De Vere was the true author of the plays, and that the name ‘Shakes Speare’ was a reference to Pallas Minerva (Roman goddess of playwrights) in the Illiad, who shakes her spear, giving the signal that allows Achilles to slay Hector.

Check out some wonderful YouTube vids by Alexander Waugh, a contemporary proponent of the theory.

Was Apollo, as referenced in the 13 symbol cipher and as a stamp on the Halloween Card envelope, a living god for the 2 Greek Americans? Apollo 8 had returned to Earth on December 25th, Dec. 26th Turkish time, Karadanis’ birthday.

Apollo is or was…the Greek God of:


Law and Order


Author and averter of evil, depending upon what you were praying for. Was one propitiating the god in order to avert a plague? Or wishing harm to one’s enemies?

Apollo evolved into Jesus under the Romans. In India there was an Apollo-like god called ‘Rudra’ (red’). Some later Zodiac letters reference ‘red’.

Murder equaled ‘pollution’, and required purification (by Apollo). Was that their (Zodiac’s) idea of redemption?

These were gleaned from too many sources to keep track of. But start with wikipedia.

Zodiac Symbol: Another Clue For You All?

Image above from Calypso.

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