‘Radians’ Was Meant as ‘Radii’: How it Solves the Z32

So we know now that ‘Radians’ was a mispelling.

A deflection by Hugh Penn, sent to his son Gareth, on Joe Karadanis’ birthday. See ‘Poison Penn’ post.

What can be gathered if we look again at the Phillips 66 map instructions in relation to the murder sites?

The Phillips 66 Map

Zodiac adds a note in a later letter referring to ‘inches along the radians’.

This statement makes much more sense when radians is replaced with ‘radii’. The writer is pretending to mistake the 2, feigning ignorance of the plural of ‘radius’.

We are looking for radii, or radiuses (both acceptable plurals). Connecting what? Connecting murder sites. Sites and or victims were likely selected by Hugh Penn.

What’s left is a clock face without a clear meaning, an arrowhead instructing us to extend a line North, and an instruction to turn that extended line 17 degrees East (Mag N at the time)

The clock face is a modified Zodiac target/symbol. The peak of Mt Diablo is set as the point from which the arrowhead is to be extended. No other meaning, except possibly that everything can be seen from here, by the Zodiac Pack.

It is not a Zodiac wheel. The numbers would be 10 at the top, 7 instead of 3, 4 instead of 6, and 1 instead of 9. These representing the Zodiac Houses.

Nothing special seems to happen if the entire clock is rotated 17 degrees. Note: ‘0’ can be inferred to mean 12 o’clock, AM or PM

Extending the arrow, in Black. The object is to keep going until one finds a centerpoint for a circle. Radii from the various murder sites are tied to this centerpoint.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot_20220823-132133_duckduckgo-edited.jpg

Now what if the Z32 code is another reference to this centerpoint. A good place for a bomb perhaps, as Zodiac Pack has threatened.

Plugging Arrowhead Marina into the second line of the cipher, where it fits perfectly, the rest, when using straight substitution deciphering, hearkens back to my Z340 solution (row, row etc).

It also recalls a popular 60’s spiritual entitled ‘Michael Row Your Boat Ashore’. Hugh Penn taking another shot at his arch enemy Michael O’Hare no doubt.

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