HS Penn Grudge: Timeline. (Addendum 11/30/22)

Conspiracy Driven Timeline:

1950’s: A grudge begins in the mind of Hugh Scott Penn, father of Gareth Penn. It probably began in the postwar years with the formation of the CIA. An association between HS Penn and Xenophon Anthony probably started up in the 50’s, probably in the CIA. Joan Webster’s father was CIA. O’Hare would later be falsely accused of Joan’s murder by Gareth Penn and Ray Grant

1962: Ray Davis cabby murder near San Diego. 1st Zodiac murder? Later, in September, Larry Kane’s car accident leaves him disabled. Zodiac Group may have been made responsible for his care by Vegas syndicate

MIT Green Science Building completed 1964. Architect is IM Pei, Jacqueline Onassis’ choice for the Kennedy Center and who would later become one of the world’s most famous architects (Louvre, etc)

11/30/22: Addendum. Sam Cook murdered December 11th, 1964. Drives a Ferrari. Influenced by Dylan’s protest songs he has just released ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, a powerful civil rights anthem. CiA/FBI involved? Manager is Alan Klein

HS Penn wrote the Z340 cryptogram and mentions Xenophon Anthony in it. MIT Green Building has the structure of the 17 lab floors as expressed on the 2 facades of the tower, 2(17 x 10) when the code is cut in half per its instructions. He is also aware that architect Michael O’Hare had published an article about the building, and was also teaching at MIT, mid-60’s

So the grudge was Penn/Anthony vs. Webster/O’Hare- refer to G Penn’s X17 and Ray Grant’s books. Grudge motive towards O’Hare has never been determined.

December 26th, 1965: Paul McCartney’s scooter accident. Split lip, possible concussion. George Karadanis’ birthday. Paul was with Tara Browne who would soon ‘blow his mind out in a car’, as related in The Beatles ‘A Day in the Life’.

Mid 1966: Penn/Anthony were most likely working together on what was to be a brutal military coup in Greece by CIA friendly Greek officers that occurred in April, 1967.

July 29th, 1966: Dylan’s motorcycle accident. Bob Dylan finds a way out of the crushing touring schedule he’s been caught up in. The accident is not serious. He stops performing for the next 8 years.

Pre-October 30th 1966: HS Penn knows O’Hare’s SS#. Plots a murder at the longitudinal coordinates 117W. The victim drives a VW Bug. Penn has access to CA Motor Vehicle data through his job. Grudge may also have included head of VW imports: Kell Qvale.

October 30th, 1966: Riverside CA, murder of Cheri Jo Bates.

November 8th 1966: Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of CA

November 9th 1966: John Lennon meets Yoko Ono

November 8th or 9th, 1966…or January 7th 1967: Conspiracy- supposed replacement of Paul McCartney by MI5. Car Crash.

End of November, 1966: Xenophon Anthony and his wife leave LA after 10 years living there and move to Presidio Heights, San Francisco. Addendum, 11/30/22: note one month after Cheri Jo’s murder.

Lennon is writing ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in November 1966. They start recording it November 29th. Released in America, February 13th, 1967

April 21st, 1967: CIA/Greek military junta coup. Would last until 1974. Anthony/Penn/Karadanis involved?

June 5th, 1967: Six Day War in Israel begins

22nd August, 1967: Beatles manager Brian Epstein dies. Cause of Death not quite clear…Drug overdose?

1968: April 4th: MLK assassination. June 5th: RFK assassination

December 20th, 1968: Lake Herman Road murders

December 21st to December 25th, 1968: Apollo 8: round the Moon and back.

Joe Karadanis’ 40th Birthday, December 26th.

1969: Blue Rock Springs, Lake Berryessa Zodiac murders. Manson Family murders and 1st Zodiac letters in August

October 1969: shortly after the murder of Paul Stine, Penn’s 340 cryptogram is sent to the SF Chronicle. Xenophon Anthony becomes a suspect but is later cleared by FBI.

April 10th, 1970: End of Beatles, Paul quits. Addendum, 11/30/22: Alan Klein, John’s manager

1970: All MK-Ultra and CHAOS activity to cease by government order. Zodiac (publicly) ends

December 8th 1980: John Lennon shot and killed. Strawberry Fields Forever Garden established in NYC Central Park

November 28th, 1981: architecture student Joan Webster murdered in Boston. Both her parents CIA. Author graduates architectural school and moves to NYC in September 1981, may have met Joan in passing on one of her visits to NY. Blaming of Michael O’Hare coming from HS Penn through his son Gareth?

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