The 4th [rev 05/09 & 05/18/23]

Timeline, with MM

Could the 4 plus one, Kane, Crotwell-Karadanis, Anthony…and code-master Penn, be fingered for any of these? Someone is very date conscious. Or more likely Zodiac dates are chosen as an insider protest of the actions of CIA counter intelligence for these dates

Was April 10th, 1962: murder of cab driver Ray Davis, near San Diego the beginning of Zodiac? A training exercise for a rogue CIA group?

I leave it to you, dear reader, to connect the dots.

August 4th, 1962: death of Marilyn Monroe, Los Angeles. Kane involved?

September 1962: Kane’s accident. Headlong into truck? Sure….

November 22nd, 1962: JFK assassination. 2 plus 2.

June 4th, 1963: Domingos/Edwards murders, near San Luis Obispo, CA. Another training exercise?

November 3rd/4th, 1964: Bobby and Ted Kennedy both win Senate seats. Ted in hospital with broken back.

Cheri Jo Bates, possible Zodiac victim,

Riverside, California, October 30th, 1966.

Born February 4th, 1948

Omaha, Nebraska


One year before his assassination…

April 4th, 1967: Martin Luther King Jr’s Riverside Speech…comes out against the Vietnam War
From ‘United For Peace and Justice’ website [rev 05/09/23]

April 4th, 1968: MLK Jr. assassinated in Memphis.

June 4th/5th, 1968: RFK assassinated in Los Angeles, just after midnight. Plan A and Plan B. Too many bullets. Shot behind ear.

December 20th, 1968: LHR, one victim shot behind ear. October 11th, 1969: Paul Stine shot once in the head

July 4th/5th, 1969: Zodiac Blue Rock Springs murder in Vallejo, CA, just around midnight.

August 4th, 1969: Zodiac letter received. ‘This is the Zodiac speaking’. Exactly 7 years since the death of Marilyn.

Sidenote…September 26th is the birthday of mobster Albert Anastasia, nicknamed the Grand Inquisitor. Head of Murder Inc. September 27th, 1969, suspect at Lake Berryessa stabbings is dressed in a Grand Inquisitor outfit

May 4th, 1970: Kent State
Smithsonian Magazine [rev 05/09/23]

April 4th/5th, 1971: CalNeva ‘Pines’ card pointing at CalNeva Casino. Jointly owned by Sinatra and Momo Giancana. Both had dated Marilyn. Giancana may have tried to save her from RFK. (With help from Larry Kane?)
April 4th, 1974: Abduction of Patty Hearst from her apartment in Berkeley by members of the Symbionese Liberation Army

27 Club: Brian Jones- July 3rd, 1969; Janis Joplin- October 4th, 1970; Jim Morrison- July 3rd, 1971

JJJ 05/18/23

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