3. Kane and the Dahlia 🌹

• Kane marries Eileen Barton in NY ’45, Sinatra’s singing partner

• Sinatra moves to LA ’45

• Kane charged with ‘battery’ 10/18/1946 in LA, and jailed?

Elisabeth Short (Black Dahlia) murder  01/14 or 15/1947 in LA

Check out the new Dahlia book: ‘Black Dahlia, Red Rose’ with new suspects

Some additional facts of interest: Kane and Short were almost the same age. Both born in 1924, both born on the 29th: Kane in April, Short in July. Both from the East Coast. I made the montage just to see if they might have had a spark, if indeed they ever met. Short in ’46/47, Kane in ’43, ’46/47. I’m sure the news reporting would have made an impression on Kane in his jail cellIMG_0448

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