Mrs Zodiac, 1 of 4, and Xen, CIA?

Mrs Zodiac: Her Own Confession Letter

If a letter were found in the office of a Tahoe resort….

“Dear _______, here are a few things I wanted you to know. For the public record _______my dear Ukrainian friend, and husband, had no involvement in what I’m about to describe.

My High School years were really miserable for me. Back then I was Elsie, from Arkansas. I had a bit of a Louisiana accent because that’s where my paw was from. Kids in school made fun of me in Pittsburg and Antioch, after we’d moved. They called me a milkmaid, a cow, a hick and in general turned their backs on me. In high school I met George, Joey. He was a Greek American boy with a chip on his shoulder, and maybe because of that he always had my back whenever I was being harrassed. We fell in love in our final year, and were wed shortly after graduating.

He went to work in Martinez nearby and I began the business of raising 3 boys with him. I was on cloud 9 with our life together in the 50’s. But George always had larger ambitions.

I had 3 boys who loved comic books and TV, especially Batman.”

                                                                to be continued….

Zeen update:

Had it wrong in my YouTube videos. Xen Anthony did go to Harvard but graduated with a BA. He was not an MD as I’d thought, but both his father and grandfather were. Both were well-known ophthalmologists. Marc, Xen’s father, testified before Congress. And Xenophon Lusby Anthony 1, Xen’s grandfather and namesake, was also well known in the Tacoma area. The grandfather having the same name may have led to some of my confusion while initially researching in My apologies.

Xen graduated in 1953. I finally found a newspaper clipping that tells of his being inducted into the military. I don’t know which branch, or where he was posted. If you know more leave me a comment. If he was recruited into the CIA I think it was done within this 2 year period. Note that the CIA’s MK Ultra program began in 1952, and ended in 1970.

Xen met his wife to be, while both were on a trip to Europe in ’55, I guess after he was let out of his military duty. She was still in school, at Stanford, doing a summer travel seminar. They married on April Fools Day, 1956, in San Marino, CA. They honeymooned in Palm Springs. Curious….

Sinatra, who knew Larry Kane through E. Barton, his singing partner on radio during the late war years, and Kane’s first wife, had a house in Palm Springs. Did the Anthony’s and Sinatra/Kane first cross paths here?

And when exactly did Karadanis show up?

3 thoughts on “Mrs Zodiac, 1 of 4, and Xen, CIA?

  1. You want proof on who the Zodiac killer was..? You got it! Go to TIMESTAMP: 2:58 in thus video about the Zodiac.


  2. FORGOT TO ATTACH THE VIDEO…lol Sorry…>> Then compare to the pictures i sent.


  3. Very interesting video. I see the guy. Reminds me a bit of Larry Kane. Send me the pic when you get a chance. I was kind of fascinated by the cars in the vid: lots of Mustangs and Impalas. Thanks, I like what you did there


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