3 Oct. 30 Murders

October 30th, 1966. Cheri Jo Bates. Riverside California

I’ve written previously about this murder as it relates to Zodiac. The typed letter sent is the tip off that it was Zodiac related. I’ve theorized that the murderer was Larry Kane and that it was covered up by Anthony and the Karadanis’ ( a group that would later be known by ‘Zodiac’). The syndicate had put out the word that Kane be protected, as a made man, an escort to mob actresses and singers in the postwar years before his accident, before he became a loose cannon. I have yet to prove that Kane and Karadanis were working construction on the houses near the Riverside campus, which were being demolished at the time. Cheri Jo was murdered on a driveway between the 2 houses.

The case is still unsolved.

October 30th, 1975. Martha Moxley. Bell Haven, Connecticut

Here is an unsolved murder that involved the Kennedys. Could a rogue CIA agent, Xenophon Anthony perhaps, have been involved? The Skakel boys, Michael and Tom, were seen with 15 year old Martha, on the night of her murder. She lived across the street from them. Michael spent 10 years behind bars for the crime. Tom was the more likely suspect but had an alibi.

They were Ethel Kennedy’s nephews. If there is one conspiracy I follow, it’s that of her husband Robert Kennedy’s assassination. A few too many bullets fired. The fatal bullets not fired by Sirhan Sirhan.

The Moxleys had moved from the Bay Area of California about 1 year before the fateful night. They had lived about a half hour drive from the Karadanis stomping ground of Pittsburg CA, though the Karadanises had homes in Sacramento and Reno by this time. Might the youngest of the 3 Karadanis boys have heard of the Moxley move, and their famous neighbors, through the HS grapevine, and told their parents, who then passed it by Xen Anthony?

Anthony’s motive here would have been to further stain the Kennedy family reputation. And any involvement of Kane and the Karadanises might have been motivated by the thrill of reliving the Cheri Jo Bates murder.

This theory is no more murky than the one proposed in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, Framed, in which he proposes that the real killer was Kobe Bryant’s cousin. Anti-vaxxer idiot Kennedy blames it on the black kid. I’ve read the book, read it if you dare. It does at least present the basic facts in readable fashion. Then there’s Mark Furman’s book which I’ve not read. Knowing how he screwed up the OJ case though, with his history of racism and glove planting, I thought it best not to waste my time. There’s a forward by crime writer Dominick Dunne. In a moment you’ll see how it’s relevant.

The case remains unsolved.

October 30th, 1982. Dominique Dunne. West Hollywood, California

A well known tv and film star (Poltergeist), 22 year old Dunne was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, by strangulation, in a fit of jealous rage. The incident occurred on October 30th. She fell into a coma and died on November 4th. Her father was tv host and writer Dominick Dunne. She was the niece of novelists John Gregory Dunne and massively famous Joan Didion. In a controversial ruling her killer got off with only 3+ years. Dominick would not let it rest for some years.

“Two other daughters preceding Dominique died in infancy from a lung disease once common in cesarean births known as hyaline membrane disease. Dominique was all three daughters in one to us, triply loved. She adored her older brothers and was always totally at ease in a sophisticated world without being sophisticated herself. She was a collector of stray animals; in her menagerie were a cat with a lobotomy and a large dog with stunted legs. She went to Westlake School in Los Angeles, then to Taft School in Connecticut, then to Fountain Valley School in Colorado. After that she spent a year in Florence, where she learned to speak Italian. Twice she and I took trips to Italy together. Extravagantly emotional, she was heartbroken when Lenny gave up the family home on Walden Drive because her worsening condition had made it unmanageable. I was not surprised when Dominique announced her intention to become an actress. Griffin, who is an actor and a producer, later said jokingly that one day she decided to become an actress and the next week she was on a back lot making a movie, and that from then on she never stopped. It was very nearly true. She loved being an actress and was passionate about her career.”

Dominick Dunne- Vanity Fair article, 1984. ‘Justice’

No Zodiac connection here. I just think these 3 high profile murders on the same date, all Cali related, are spooky when considered together. And there are ties, some tenuous admittedly, as I’ve shown. Is there some kind of curse at work here?

Recall the Zodiac’s Halloween Card.

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