Bat Creek Stone; 148 Solution; Xenophon Updates


The latest ‘Zodiac Speaking’ podcast episode by Morf and Grindell- “Beyond the 340′ was superb, and inspired me to look at a couple of things of which I wasn’t aware or that hadn’t occurred to me.

It lead me to look at the Halloween card ‘brand’ symbol again, and understand that I was actually looking at the Bat Creek Stone symbol discovered by Zodiac researchers and below I’ll tell you why I think so. It will become a footnote to my Halloween Card video on YT.

The other new realization they have come to, (Morf and Grinell) is that the 148 character is genuine because it mentions 21 victims, same as another text not published at the time. Grinell has a recent article about it on his site

‘The Bat Creek inscription (also called the Bat Creek stone or Bat Creek tablet) is an inscribed stone collected as part of a Native American burial mound excavation in Loudon County, Tennessee, in 1889 by the Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology’s Mound Survey, directed by entomologist Cyrus Thomas. The inscriptions were initially described as Cherokee, but in 2004, similarities to an inscription that was circulating in a Freemason book were discovered. Hoax expert Kenneth Feder says the peer reviewed work of Mary L. Kwas and Robert Mainfort has “demolished” any claims of the stone’s authenticity. Mainfort and Kwas themselves state “The Bat Creek stone is a fraud.”‘ Wikipedia

A newspaper article was published and likely read by one of the Zodiac gang just before the H card was created.

Fraud or not, there was some controversy as to whether it was being read right side up. It could also have been used as a stamp, where the (rough) mirror image would appear. So now it becomes clear what the symbol is to be used for, in the card. Like the Z North arrow next to it, it is serving as an instruction to either flip or mirror.

When scaled up and overlaid upon the skeleton a large letter ‘X’ appears. Avery, who’s eye is presumably inside the knothole, with the two ‘oo’s below is now looking at a hermaphrodite. The question posed in the card is what lies beneath the pumpkin placed over the skeleton’s groin on the outside of the card.

See the source image

This was in answer to questioning, at the time, Z’s sexuality, manliness and so on. Put the X along with the ‘een’s gives the name Xeen, for Xenophon Anthony, pronounced Zeen. As in my 340 solution the writer is again throwing shade at Anthony. At least it might have been considered shade back then.

The 148 Cryptogram

Sent almost a year after Donna Lass went missing nevertheless the partial solution I offer here seems to be mostly about Donna. Again it would seem, as with the 340, Joe Karadanis is indicating his murdering days are through. The key is obvious- ‘sum left over’ is the last line. There is often some left over in a Z cipher. Note in the letter how it trails off just as Donna Lass entered her final log entry, supposedly. (see Zodiac Ciphers site for full cipher with text)

With all the pluses and minuses it has the ring of a math equation. Curiously, it uses the modified ‘T’ symbol from the Bat Creek Stone. It begins with a typical Z surprise:

Pigs, cops, police ‘ee(a la 340) : off T. ahoe (Bat Creek Stone Symbol)

North (Z symbol previously used as N arrow) area, lost, alive, (or ‘a love’ double character i or o) : E.R.P. (ER Presideo = Donna Lass)

If J.L. are J.M. poems Poe-ms , T. ahoe E.L. (East Lake?) are

‘O!’ E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services) _oems , veii (old) E.R. poems Poe-ms

and lots more gobbledee gook… I’ll let y’all work it out

Again as in the 340 we see ‘Joe’ for George Achilles Karadanis, and ‘I over’. Still some to crack in the rest of the cipher but I don’t know if the effort is worth it.

Xenophon Anthony Updates:

He was not a doctor. My mistake. But both his Father and Grandfather were well known ophthalmologists. His father even testifying before Congress. Zeen was named after the grandpa, so that is why he is Xenophon Lusby Anthony 2nd. They had a summer house in Coeur D’Alene, a hotbed back then for racists. I could see him being recruited for CIA programs directed against Californian African Americans. Recall Karadanis named his casino ‘The Sundowner’, which essentially means ‘no blacks allowed’.

After graduating in 52 from Harvard with a Liberal Arts degree, he was conscripted into the military for 2 years. He may have been approached by CIA then, as other Harvard grads at the time were. Update info was found on

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