Albert ‘Lord High Executioner’ Anastasia (in progress, final final)

“The following month, Anastasia Family underboss and Luciano/Costello ally, Frank “Don Cheech” Scalise was assassinated on June 17 by Anastasia’s nephew and gunman, James “Jimmy/Jerome” Squillante.

Genovese and his allies used the Scalise hit, along with Anastasia’s attempt to muscle into the Havana casino operations of Meyer Lansky and his partner, Florida boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. as examples of Anastasia’s madness and reasons to kill him. On October 25, 1957, in the barber shop of Manhattan’s Park Sheraton Hotel, Anastasia was shot and killed by two masked gunmen sent by Genovese, Gambino and Profaci, who was also an Anastasia rival in Brooklyn.[21]Genovese was now head of the Genovese crime family and a Commission member, making him the most powerful boss in La Cosa Nostra.

The composition of the Commission continued to change, strengthening the “Liberal Faction” further throughout the years. In 1957, Chicago mafioso, Sam Giancana was elected to replace former Chicago Outfit boss and Commission member, Anthony Accardo, giving the new “Liberal Faction” another ally.” Wiki: The Appalachin Meeting

And there is the link between Genovese and Giancana. Anastasia is killed, two weeks later Genovese controls the entire mafia, and one of his first acts is to promote Giancana to head the Chicago mob.

Behold the Lord….

Lake Berryessa attack, Executioner costume, September 27th, 1969. Birthday of Albert Anastasia: September 26th, 1902.

Kane was bodyguard for Meyer Lansky’s ‘talent’, Darlene Darcel. Anastasia tries to cut in on Lansky’s Cuban rackets. Other crime bosses don’t approve, especially Genovese. It is suspected Genovese orders a hit on Anastasia. Was Kane one of the two never id’d gunmen? Kane was set up in New Orleans at the time, which fits, because the mob liked using out of towners as they were hard to trace.

This would certainly be a strong motive for Genovese to want to protect Kane after his accident. Zodiac being the perfect cover. Joe K couldn’t help dropping hints in the Z letters (and the murders it appears) tho, a very dangerous game to play with the mob.

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