2f. Z 340- More Clearly- & who’s the RN?

xwqz465733 - Copy

‘Old MacDonald…’

From ‘The 340 Character Cipher’ blogpost/article on Richard Grinell’s ZodiacCiphers.com: 

“The Zodiac accompanies his cipher with a brief message “This is the Zodiac speaking. I though you would nead a good laugh before you hear the bad news. You won’t get the news for a while yet. Could you print this new cipher in your frunt page I get aufully lonely when I am ignored, so lonely I could do my Thing.”  This was followed by a running total of seven victims, detailed chronologically, “Des, July, Aug, Sept, Oct = 7”. From the beginning of the Zodiac attacks in December, they were followed by further attacks in July, September and October. However, this gives us five victims, possibly six if we we retrospectively include Cheri Jo Bates, murdered outside the Riverside City College Library on October 30th 1966. The August murder/s claim remain unknown.”

I’ve made a few discoveries with the new Z 340 representation shown above- by laying out more of the ‘filler’ material, at least what I’d previously thought was just filler. In so doing I think I’ve discovered something very disturbing as it relates to the accompanying ‘Dripping Pen Letter’ which Grinell describes above. In particular “You won’t get the bad news for awhile yet’ stands out for me as a chilling threat. There is another victim lined up. Grinell has gone over this ground in some of his posts. And now It’s clear to me he was on to something quite significant. Besides some areas where Zodiac seems to be adlib-ing from the song ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’ :

Old MACDONALD had a farmxwqz465733 - Copy - Copy
And on his farm he had a pig
With a oink oink here
And a oink oink there
Here a oink, there a oink
Everywhere a oink oink
Old MacDonald had a farm

Again Zodiac thumbs his nose at police- as he does with “Peggey from No Nine Fun”, where he refers to the police screw-up around the Stine Cab murder.

The RN- Registered Nurse

But more ominous is the repeated ‘RN’. Eleven times repeated, at least in what I believe I’ve solved so far. Most of these follow after the keywords – ‘my Thing’.

Nurse RN Donna Lass was hired in August of 1970 before she went missing from her place of business, Del Webb’s Tahoe ‘Sahara Casino/Hotel’, in early September, 1970.

The Sahara- Stateline, Nevada- image from ZodiacKiller.com above.                               From a posting by Tahoe27 on ZodiacKiller.com Discussion Forum- Apr 06, 2014:
It appears that Hoffa (who Dorfman was involved with) and the Teamsters did not have the same “associates” and therefore, Dorfman would have not “employed” Kane at the Sahara Tahoe which was owned/operated by Del Webb and his own team….”rivaling the teamsters”.
Of course, who knows what happened in Vegas!
The money and the power: the making of Las Vegas and its hold on America …‎ – Page 233-234
“If Moe told them to make a loan,” said one observer of the moment, “they made the loan.”
In 1960, Teamster money began pouring in to finance the next round of casino
growth, even beyond what the Bank of Las Vegas was providing with its discreet “character loans.”

” “Jimmy was the juice,” one Las Vegan said of Hoffa in the early sixties. With the loans — “they all had unwritten strings attached,” a lawyer for the casinos recalled — came still more claimants on the skim, Hoffa allies from the Midwest and elsewhere who added to the welter of gang holdings and levies along the Strip. But the predominant authority in the city remained Lansky and his closer associates. “A lot of guys were coming in then on the split,” said a longtime manager, “but these were still mostly Lansky joints.” The Hoffa millions did nothing in in the end to change that reality in the backrooms, though outwardly the union presence was conspicuous.
Represented in Nevada by US senator Alan Bible’s law firm in Reno, the Teamsters became one of Nevada’s largest creditors and mortgage-holders, and of its kind, even in a place accustomed to absentee, colonial rule, a distant force to be reckoned with.
“Webb’s CEO in 1961, an ex-carpenter named LC “Jake” Jacobson, had known racketeer Al Winter in Oregon, where they were both connected in the Northwest’s business-union-political nexus of Dave Beck and Seattle-Portland organized crime. Using what one account called “the substantial resources and good name” of the Webb Corporation, Jacobson had helped Winter and his mob partners finance the Sahara in the fifties. A decade later, Jacobson and Webb were brandishing their corporate stock to buy the Sahara along with the Winter faction’s Mint in Glitter Gulch, and soon added the Thunderbird and the downtown Lucky, as well as building a massive new Sahara-Tahoe casino resort on the south shore of the lake not far from Cal-Neva. By 1965, the deals amounted to a Webb investment in Nevada of more than $60 million, rivaling the Teamsters’. Like the mob, Webb had easily gotten around the Nevada restriction on licensing a public corporation by simply creating what Jacobson termed a “conduit”—an entity called Consolidated Casinos — with a handful of licensees that funneled profits back into the barely separate parent company. “

From the Facebook Page of ‘Harvey’s Wagon Wheel Saloon and Gambling Hall- another view of the Saharah, mid 70’s

It was stated in an independent report by Tahoe Police Officer Harry Hines that Larry Kane knew Donna Lass in SF previous to the Dripping Pen Letter in Nov. ’69. Was he employed by K & M? Several researchers say he was working just down the hall from Donna at the Sahara. Was she a ‘tasty morsel’ provided especially by Joe K for Kane to do with whatever he wished?

And is she the ‘RN’ mentioned in the Z 340 as I’ve laid it out? If so this would be a murder premeditated for over a year and not a (seemingly) random killing like the others. It seems especially sick to plan and even…

Donna Lass- image again from ZodiacKiller.com.                           From a comment by Richard Grinell on his own post: ‘The Search for Donna Lass’ at ZodiacCiphers.com. He describes an alternate backstory on the lead-up to Donna’s disappearance:                    “What happened between Hunter, Sr., and Donna Lass for six months on the east coast? If a courtship had arisen from that trip, was Donna creeping into the will of Hunter, Sr.? When Hunter, Sr., died only one known will existed – the Sentinel has a copy of it – and there was no protest – but again, there was no Donna Lass to protest should she have been included in the will.
Were the Zodiac letters an elaborate and calculated ploy to set up Donna Lass? This would explain why law enforcement officials could never crack the Zodiac case of a single madman. No set of evidence from various murders would match with the others from the method, weapon and relationship. Police in San Francisco quit the case when reviewing information in Southern California. The Police in Vallejo were happy to accept another theory to cover up crooked cops. A jealous lover also played a role. The only link to any of this was letters claiming murders in order to set up a future murder.

…publicly discuss a murder you are going to commit a year later.

To knowingly lead an innocent young woman into a death trap over such a long period of time strikes me as the ultimate cruelty, the deadly action of a incredibly patient, outwardly charming (I’m sure), highly intelligent businessman who now becomes a depraved and dangerous psychopathic predator. It goes way beyond the typical profile of a serial killer, and may be what the public and investigators have sensed all along, beyond his terroristic threat towards children. It’s part of the reason why Zodiac is still considered the ultimate in fear and evil, in our country at least.

Zodiac was certainly counting on the 340 being ‘crackproof’. Or was he? Did he want to be caught before any harm came to to Donna Lass, knowing he couldn’t help himself? It seems Joe K may have developed quite a taste for murder.

But here, decide for yourself:

xwqz465733 - Copy - Copy (2)
Note the ‘O’s in the orange squares, side by side with some of the ‘RN’s in blue.

Before Joe Goes…

One final clarification- I believe it’s not ‘BEFORE JOE GO SO MY THING’ but instead: ‘BEFORE JOE GO’S…O! MY THING! (One last murder for the Kane cover-up, remember he’s under ‘contract’!) It’s followed by a grouping of initials: 2 x RN’s, GN- for general nurse (or gun?) and MD for medical doctor. Seems Zodiac has been hanging around, stalking, at the local hospital (Letterman Hospital in the Presidio, SF) and he’s found his next victim. ‘Tyhre Eye OO, etc’- he’s weary of this game- but just one last one.

Sympathy for the Devil….

xwqz465733 - Copy - Copy (3)


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