27b. Halloween Card: Mark of the Beast (rev. 06/28/19)



Will we ever have the Zodiac’s identity confirmed? With the arrest of the alleged Golden State Killer, based on familial DNA, perhaps it’s now a possibility. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or the resources to pursue this effort much further. It would require more costly research and travel. Besides at the moment I’m holding my breath waiting for the DNA evidence to be processed.

One last look then at the Zodiac’s ‘Halloween’ Card…and what my suspect George Achilles Karadanis, of Anatolian-Greek heritage, might have been trying to say with it.

xwqz143614 (2)

The Peace Sign, seen on buttons of the period, is also a pagan symbol for death. “I feel it in my bones you ache to know my name, and so I’ll clue you in.” Following the directions given- we’ll look at the direction of the axes of the bones then. Note firstly the ties to 2 letter ‘A’s- indicating Apollo, and/or Achilles. With this outer, ‘pumpkin/peace sign’ skeleton above, the head is meant to be Apollo/Achilles, the leg-half Jesus: remember from a previous post that inside the card, skeleton number 2 has an exclamation point/spike through the ankle.

The only evidence ever recovered from a crucifixion. In the geometric analysis up top we see the alignment and connection of skeletal joints and the ankle to what are now exclamation points. They hint at what to look for in the second skeleton inside the card- part of which is again analyzed, see below.

Skeleton number two- I insert the Peace Sign uncovered in skeleton numero uno, again it’s also the death rune:

xwqz588113 (2)
Skeleton 2: a Jesus/Achilles figure. Notice the double vowels, which you’ll find explained in my next and final post: ‘ee‘ in ‘4-Teen’ and ‘Halloween’, and the ‘oo’ in ‘Boo’, underlined in yellow. Also interesting is where he is riffing off part of the original card design: by rhyming his insert of ‘4-teen’ with ‘Halloween’- see the yellow ‘thought-bubbles’. The 3 exclamation marks circled in green refer back to my proposed 340 cryptogram key where you’ll recall we saw 6 exclamation points. These are also being used as phallic symbols, likely in response to Avery’s comment that Zodiac might be a ‘latent homosexual’. The last pair of floating eyeballs are directed at the groin area- now uncovered. He may be saying: ‘whatever I am…I have a hard-on for murder and mayhem and that’s all you need to know- what skeletons are hiding in your closet, Avery?

Apollo the Sun, Jesus the Son, shared birthdays. Both called ‘The Light of the World’. Son of God vs Son of Zeus….

Jesus shares many attributes with Apollo, though Jesus teaches compassion where Apollo definitely had his dark side. Don’t look too long at the sun. Does Joe K believe he is Apollo the Destroyer, Achilles the wounded hero and Jesus the Savior (Joe’s birthday- December 26th) all rolled into one?

Enlarged area from Skeleton number one- Apollo, Abaddon, Apollon, Appolyon- geometric analysis:

xwqz143614 (3) - Copy - Copy
New Testament- Revelation 9.11  ‘Apollyon’ (Greek)= Apollo (Roman)
Symbol recently used at Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings. Is Karadanis using a white power symbol here? After all he did name his Reno casino The Sundowner. In ‘Sundown’ cities, still very much in evidence at the time, African Americans were not allowed on the streets after dark.

And from BibleStudyTools.com / Commentaries / Revelation 9:11:

Ἀβαδδών [Abaddōn] , a transliteration of the related Hebrew term. The Hebrew term אֲבַדּוֹן [ʾăḇaddôn] is derived from אבד [ʾḇḏ] meaning “to perish, become lost, be ruined.”Christianandapollyon It is translated by “destruction” and associated with שְׁאוֹל [šeʾôl] in Job Job 26:6 and Pr. Pr. 15:11, where it denotes a place which is seen by the omnipresence and omniscience of God. Abbadon is personified along with death (מָוֶת [māweṯ] ) as having heard of the fame of elusive wisdom (Job Job 28:22). It is said to be the destination of a consuming fire (Job Job 31:12) and is associated with the grave (קֶבֶר [qeḇer] ), but differentiated from it (Ps. Ps. 88:11). It is said that hell (שְׁאוֹל [šeʾôl] ) and Abbadon (“destruction”) are never full (Pr. Pr. 27:20). [My emphasis] In all of these uses, it denotes a location which is associated with Sheol and the grave, but differs from them. “The rabbins have made Abaddon the nethermost of the two regions into which they divide the lower world.””

Recall Apollo is Roman, Abaddon is Hebrew and Apollyon is Greek. Is this Zodiac’s so-called Paradise? for his ‘slaves’ in Paradice’?

Finally going back to skeleton number one, take a look at the right raised hand of the upright figure, the more Jesus-like orientation:

Having found the Revelation 9.11 reference previously, we can now pretty much conclude that the 14 here must be referring to Revelation 14 -all about what Jesus will be doing at the final judgement. This book is of central importance to the Seventh Day Adventists, a weird, almost cult-like branch of Christianity that believes the end times have already been announced. Rev 14 tells us what will happen next, any day now. And two of Zodiac’s victims, Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard, were Seventh Day Adventists. So here, beyond what we had with his note on the car door, he is again taking credit for the horror of the Lake Berryessa attack.

Jesus with his scythe (shades of Apollo the destroyer again) is about to harvest some folks clean out of existence, a la Zodiac his bad self has done. Of course these associations to Revelation 14 might only be the sinister, cold-blooded, dark and cynical ravings of a psychopathic murderer now, mightn’t they !!!!!!

Jesus, crucified himself: harvesting slaves, those crucified (it was a form of execution reserved for slaves and lowly people by the Romans- recall), now being collected, harvested, like grapes, and being tossed into the great wine-press of the wrath of God. Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’.

Like the ‘losers’ sacrificed for Karadanis’s Reno Casino, and the losers who will come to gamble there.

From SlideShareCdn.com
Santo es el Señor
From OracatoBlogspot.com

Finally, if one were to take all of the information in the pumpkin skeleton’s hand and gather it up we’d get: Revelation 14:9-11 which appears to be quite to the point (at ‘hand’):


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