5. Z 340 & Z 32 Ciphers: Shade

9DB08B2D-6880-45F1-BFE1-90CE9DF8759AIn the 340, here are the references to Anthony, underlined:


In the Z 32, my solve, very precisely and clearly laid out by Alex Lewis on Richard Grinell’s site:


The above is Xenophon Anthony’s address at the time of the Stine murder, a couple of blocks away from the scene of that crime. Zodiac would be perfectly capable of betraying his accomplice, I’m sure, but probably felt it wouldn’t be revealed for some time, as he didn’t provide a key for this cipher

My solution could only have been deduced after the 340 solve and after making the leap from Fohoni Tonei to Xenophon Anthony. And we had to wait until fon’s death and A. Lewis’ FOIA request being answered in 2016 in order to learn anything at all about suspect Anthony!

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