Final Cipher: X-orcist 🎞

C286565A-77C2-4744-B6CB-E94B3C9A845EIMG_1122 Geometric Analysis -Exorcist Letter

IMG_1123 Spells Karadanis


IMG_1125The Hole Punch Card- Geometric Analysis. Note similarities to the Exorcist layout. Bilateral symmetry and rotation about a center, in this case, the center of a Cross. I show this example because it illustrates religious meanings are becoming more prominent in the cards/letters, the Exorcist Letter being the culmination. The Hole Punch Card has been designed to look like a ticket. The destination is shown at the center: heaven or hell, the grave or an instruction to go look at your Bible.  If we follow the latter cue we see the number 13 and the Z are emphasized by their placement: Z is the final letter in the alphabet and Revelations is the last book of the Bible. The reference or ticket will take us to Revelations 13.

IMG_1132Richard Grinell’s Analysis of the Exorcist Cipher above (one of his most compelling breakthroughs). His Exorcist Letter blog posts alone would make for an engaging reference book.

IMG_1136The 13 Symbol Cipher: K & M solution: Karadanis and Maloff

IMG_1133Z 340 Cipher Solution: Not RM (Robert Maloff) so it must be partner K: George Karadanis

IMG_1128From Grinell’s Zodiac Cipher site: the English Gematria Bible Code:

Grinell questions why Zodiac not only splits the word ‘titwillow’ in two but also drops the final ‘w’. I believe I may have an answer. If the four horsemen, KMAK, are protected by the unholy Gematric invocation of Jesus within the 13 Symbol Cipher- 8 8 8, Karadanis may believe he himself is a real devil. A transformation has taken place as he has seemingly developed an awareness of how to handle his dark side. His parents are no longer there for him and he is about to move his business to Reno where he and Maloff will collaborate on a huge casino project. It’s time for him to get his act together and move on from his childish (and horrific) activities.

Applying Gematria code to ‘willo’, the altered word, we get the ‘number of the beast’ from Revelations:

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