19. Final Cipher: ‘X-orcist’ (rev. 12252018; add. 01182019)

The ‘X-orcist’ Letter: he is hinting towards a deeper underlying meaning here in his last message by almost titling the letter Exorcist. ‘The Exorcist’ letters are enlarged and the word is separated from the rest of the text by being placed by itself on the right side of the vertical axis. Is this another crack at Xenophon as well? Let’s draw an X then over the letter page. We find the center. Note how text letters are intentionally arranged along the X lines- it’s the underlying structure of the composition.

See how a peace sign has been laid out by again following the placement of letters bent to fit a circle whose center-point is located at the X center, especially along the upper left (note the bent ‘d’).

The peace sign by the way was also an ancient runic pagan symbol for death. We could invert it- and you do see some letters aligned along the upper part of the X- this would be the symbol for birth.

The top A stands for the Greek God Apollo and/or for George’s middle name Achilles. The 3 A’s along the spine of the peace sign must represent the A’s in Karadanis, and this notion is supported by how ‘ar’ in arose and ‘ra’ in grave are centered. The word ‘Thing’, the Z 340 key, is again prominently placed here. The odd cryptograph at the bottom of the circle touches the edge- some researchers think it can be rearranged to read ‘Kill!’, which would nicely parallel the death rune, to be sure. The final ‘tit willo’ is also very prominent, as it is right up against the X crossing / center of the letter- the mathematically infinite point here acting as a period. It’s the alpha and omega, an ending and a beginning: a meaning that seems to permeate the entire text.

I believe what he’s saying is that Zodiac is dead (drowned by the ‘billowy waves’), but George Achilles Karadanis is now reborn. Still, he wants his final due, so please publish the letter or Zodiac will come back!


Follow the curved red lines upward again from the ‘K’ to get the full name Karadanis. This example requires sounding out ‘ar’ then backwards ‘ra’ over the same 2 letters. It’s a unique way of making a signature, one must admit!


The Hole Punch Card…is this a ticket to ‘Paradice’ (as the Eddie Money song goes)? Or an invitation to get yourself killed? The ultimate threat!

The ‘Hole Punch Card’- geometric analysis. Note similarities to the Exorcist Letter layout. The horizontal  line at the center is used as it is in the Exorcist letter above to make some radical distinctions between the upper and lower halves (ie: text flipped 180 degr). Bilateral symmetry, and rotation about a center, in this case, the center of a Cross. Note: if one turns the card upside down to read the bottom text it means turning the cross upside down as well-  a reversed cross is a symbol for the destruction of Christianity.

I’m using the example above because it illustrates how- over time- religious meanings were becoming more prominent in the cards and letters, the Exorcist Letter being the culmination.

The Hole Punch Card has been designed to look like a ticket. The destination is shown at the center: heaven or hell (depending on which way the card is turned), the grave…or an instruction to go look at your Bible.  If we follow the latter cue we see the number 13 and the Z are emphasized by their placement: Z is the final letter in the alphabet and Revelations is the last book of the Bible. The reference or ticket will take us to Revelations 13.

Part of Zodiac investigator Richard Grinell’s analysis of the Exorcist ‘cryptogram’ (bottom above), one of his most compelling breakthroughs. The only mistake made in any of the cryptograms/graphs is the ‘reverse K’ found in the Z 340. Grinell believes the letter ‘K’ therefore has a heightened significance and makes a connection with the Exorcist Letter. Read his posts regarding the letter for a fascinating discussion.


Another example where ‘K’ is emphasized, one of 4 solutions. And of course it calls out both Kane and Karadanis- please refer to my blog post: My Name is KMAK

’13 Symbol Cipher’ above: K & M solution: Karadanis & Maloff Construction Company

Examining the fragment Grinell has highlighted in my own Z 340 Cryptogram Solution: Not RM (Robert Maloff) so it must be partner K: George Karadanis.

From Grinell’s Zodiac Cipher website: the English Gematria Bible Code

Grinell questions why Zodiac not only splits the word ‘titwillow’ in two but also drops the final ‘w’. I believe I may have an answer (see the letter analysis below). If the four horsemen, KMAK, believe they are protected by the Gematric invocation of Jesus within the 13 Symbol Cipher- 8 8 8, Karadanis may believe he himself is a real devil- the ‘destroyer’ side of Apollo. A transformation has taken place as George Achilles Karadanis has possibly struggled with, and developed an awareness of, how to live with the horrible things he has done, after his killings, between 1970 and ’74.

Doors are closing. Larry Kane is on medication? Joe’s parents having recently passed on are no longer there for him. He’s about to move his business to Reno where he and Maloff will collaborate on a huge casino project, The Sundowner. It’s time for Joe K to get his act together and move on from childish (and horrific) ‘things’. This is the final letter. The cover-up is complete, or at least being well-maintained, to the satisfaction of the Mob.

Going back to the lower portion of the Exorcist Card to conclude this little thought parade: after giving us his name once more he follows with his title- applying gematria code to ‘willo’, the altered word, we get the ‘number of the beast’ from Revelations:


‘willo’ = 45222 in gematria code = 6. Note I have enlarge the encircled willo for clarity

Breaking news: there is at least a 50/50 chance now that this 1974 letter is a forgery! For more, see Grinell’s series of articles on the SLA letter. January 2019- on ZodiacCiphers.com

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