Hugh Penn’s Grand Plan: Part 1

“When you finally uncover the truth,

that’s when all the pieces will fall into place”

Kathleen T. Zellner, Esq.,
from ‘Making a Murderer’, Netflix

Each Zodiac murder was meant as a communication directed towards the CIA and or FBI higher ups as a taunt or a threat to spill the beans, or simply as an insanely vengeful protest.

Hugh Penn, CIA cryptographer, was a loose cannon and a terrorist, protesting the direction his agency the CIA had taken with assassinations and work with organized crime, through the 60’s. The team he’d put together, Zodiac, was still acting in accord with CHAOS/MK-Ultra motives: creating terror and blaming it on black and hippy activists. But they were also closely allied themselves with Giancana and his Chicago Outfit. Protecting Larry Kane for Giancana and clearing Outfit drug routes were both part of it.

The murder of Cheri Jo Bates communicates an inside knowledge: that Marilyn Monroe was murdered to keep her quiet about her Kennedy involvement. She was allegedly about to spill her story to the press.

Cheri Jo’s throat is cut, this being the cause of death. A beauty, silenced by CIA/FBI, is the message. A very dark message. A psychopath rogue agent using collateral damage as a threat to the CIA. Xenophon Anthony is the knife man.

Larry Kane was likely a witness to MM’s murder, working with Giancana’s Outfit: Kane, syndicate escort. Giancana was one of MM’s love interests, or visa versa. Kane has an untimely accident one month after MM’s death. Runs headlong into a truck. Silenced from then on like so many around the time of the 1st Kennedy assassination.

The use of Michael O’Hare’s Social Security number and its alignment with the latitude for the Riverside murder site was planned by Hugh Penn and leaked to his son some years later while Garth was writing his book Times 17.

To this day no one has been able to figure out why Michael O’Hare was targeted. But I believe the answer may be in 2 parts: the first is simply an absurd connection to Momo Giancana and his famous ’62 confrontation at O’Hare Airport. The second is O’Hare’s article in Progressive Architecture Magazine regarding the MIT Green Tower, as recounted in his son’s book, with its 17 lab floors, and what CIA activity might have been going on there, or at the campus in general. Both the 408 and the 340 cryptograms fit over the pattern of lab floor fenestration on the identical front and rear sides of the tower.

The MIT Green Tower may also have been significant to Zodiac Group, KPAK, for possible secret experiments conducted there by Dr. Sydney Gottlieb’s branch of the CIA. He’d been promoted to head their Tech Division in ’66, a position of great power and little oversight. He was apparently a James Bond/’Q’ like character, but with club feet and a bad stutter. His program of drugging unwitting victims in assassination attempts and in mind control experimentation (as part of MKUltra) had been shut down by the early sixties, but may have continued longer with some agents. It had damaged participants with high doses of LSD and other drugs, even killed some, in several countries and the USA. Victims included for example Whitey Bulger and the Uni-bomber. He was never charged with any crimes, for what was really one of the worst actions of the government against it’s own citizens.

The research tower, completed in ’64, by the architect selected by Jackie Kennedy for the design of the Presidential Library: I. M. Pei. It would have been part of an annual tradition early on, of having pumpkins thrown from the tops of tall campus buildings by students every October 30th, Halloween Eve. At the exact moment when Cheri Jo Bates was having her throat slashed 6 times, (see Richard Grinell’s autopsy posts), students were watching pumpkins smashing to the ground in great numbers. (A really disturbing image that actually woke me from sleep one night recently). The 1966 party, lets say around 9 or 10 pm, may have been visible to an even wider audience across the St. Charles River in Back Bay Boston. With the 3 hour time change, that would put the Riverside clock at dusk, roughly between 6 and 7 pm. All this would have required a heap of premeditation and planning. It also fits with no one seeing Cheri Jo inside Riverside College Library between 6:30 and closing.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Later we see the Green Tower facade used as the structure of both the 340 and 408 ciphers;17 characters across. And of course the pumpkin returns, used for the 1970 Halloween card. Was it possible that Xenophon Anthony himself may have been a participant in Gottlieb’s drug trials in the early 50’s after his induction into the army? It may have motivated him to kill Cheri Jo, possibly manipulated by the older spook, Hugh Penn. At any rate, Anthony and his family move from LA to SF one month later, after 10 years in San Marino. Coincidence?

The message intended by the Lake Herman Road murders on December 20th, 1968, by mastermind Hugh Penn, can be seen in the selection of the victim’s car. The victim’s Rambler station wagon like the one owned by husband and wife team- the Paines, witnessed spiriting Lee Oswald away from the Texas Schoolbook Depository on November 22nd, 1963.

Another message: the way that David is shot in the head, behind the ear, just as RFK had been assassinated earlier in that year, likely by CIA, on April 4th/5th, 1968. Betty Lou is shot while running, in the dark, but in a marksman like manner, from behind, as with JFK. The message is: “I/we, have special knowledge that CIA/FBI was responsible for the killing of both Kennedys.”

July 4th. Blue Rock Springs: the message is CIA alignment with the syndicate. Many mobsters have a birthdate of July 4th, given when they arrived in the USA at Ellis Island for example. Kane was suspected of having stalked Darlene Ferrin. He may have been along for the ride. The Gun guy was likely Karadanis. Clearing a drug route for Giancana. But also to please his buddy/charge Kane.

Giancana at this time was living in Mexico but still running the import of drugs into the country. Vallejo, a pinch point, along with Sacramento and Tahoe/Reno, were all stops on the route to Chicago, home of the ‘Outfit’ and a distribution center for drugs headed to the East Coast. The drugs du jour were Coke and Meth. Giancana was avoiding charges and wouldn’t return to the States until the mid 70’s. He was killed shortly after his return. By his own guys or by CIA/FBI?

It would seem the Zodiac KPAK group was working with him very closely in ’68/’69, especially in the cases of Lake Herman Road and Blue Rock Springs: both murders being designed to scare people away from the route to the East. LHR especially was very carefully planned by Joe Karadanis and an accomplice. Two highly skilled gunmen shooting in the dark with only a small window of opportunity. For his efforts, Joe would be rewarded with a 600 room casino hotel in Chicago-controlled Reno in ’74. The map below shows a later time period but routes haven’t changed much.

Cecelia Shepard and J Edgar Hoover had the same birthday, January 1st! The Grand Inquisitor Alberto Anastasia was born on Sept 26. Murder at Lake Berryessa: August 27th. Anthony, the knife guy, wears a grand inquisitor like costume. ‘By Knife’. Is the message directed at the FBI? ‘We know who killed Anastasia and it wasn’t a mob hit?’ Anastasia was one of the most powerful men in the US at the time (1957). Hoover would not publicly accept the fact that the mob was a real danger to national security. Kept pushing commies as the big threat. But he may have acted against the mob in secret.

Stine murder: shot behind right ear is another reference to the RFK assassination. Carried out by Karadanis- he gets out at Maple. Anthony drives the victim one more block to Cherry. Cuts a piece of shirt and walks home. Too many witnesses. Penn is enraged and ridicules him in the 340 cryptogram. Phony Tony.

I once thought ‘A ton’ in my secondary solution to the 340 cryptogram was a short form of ‘Anthony’ as in Xenophon. Now with so many spook references cropping up I think it might have been directed at Angleton, head of CIA counter-intelligence, who could be accused of all sorts of dirty tricks known about by Hugh Penn and Xen Anthony.

to be continued

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