Once Upon a Time in…Chaos (Add. 050520 &011923)

Here you’ll find a review of Tarantino’s masterwork ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’.
But first, check out a masterwork of true crime writing: Chaos -Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties by Tom O’Neill, with Dan Piepenbring.

Hoping the comparison of the two brings up some fresh points in the Manson debates, and for true crime in general. The Zodiac named himself in a letter on August 4th 1969, and the Tate/La Bianca murders occurred on August 8th/9th, 1969. I believe this must have had an incredible impact on the Zodiac, leading to his over the top threats to kill school children in order to up his terror factor.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The film is a masterpiece for director Tarantino, for American film, for world film and of course for true crimers. There are many haunting echoes of the Ancient Greeks.

The End: are we watching a film? Are we watching an acid trip? Is a film like an acid trip? All these questions are presented viscerally and together.

Is Brandy the dog a Goddess? Is Cliff Odysseus from Homer’s Odyssey? Cliff climbs up and fixes the rooftop antenna, physique like a Greek hero, staring off in the direction of Sharon, like Penelope, so near but so far away. Cliff/Odysseus is receiving a signal from his Lord Zeus brought by Jupiter’s lightning. He may be brought home soon to Sharon/Penelope. Her false suitor Roman doesn’t really care for her. Meantime the two men, Cliff and Rick, are about to part ways.

Is Squeeki Fromm Circe? She has turned men to pigs, weaponizing sex in order to keep Spahn imprisoned at his movie set and ranch. The women of the Family are no fallen angels, per Bugliosi. They are hardcore.

Is Spahn Ranch the Island of Greek Goddess Kalypso? Strange isn’t it that Zodiac suspect Joey ‘Paradice’ Karadanis’ mother’s name is Calypso (or Calliope, but she said it, ‘Calli’, was short for California)

How did Cliff’s wife die? By gun, by knife , by fire, by water…by Brandy?

Addendum 011923: https://youtu.be/4z83rEZN2sI

Watch the above video: it makes a convincing case for Harvey Weinstein being Cliff and Tarantino being Rick. I don’t agree with everything here, especially his take on the girls/women. They are the real story for me

Recognize the car?
Image from The Samba.com. A still from the Fincher film: Zodiac. A note left on the victim’s car, a white Karmann Ghia, by Zodiac, at Lake Berryessa, September 27th, 1969

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